sitzone and shanghai university of technology jointly build the office furniture internship base-k8凯发国际入口

sitzone and shanghai university of technology jointly build the office furniture internship base

sitzone in a short span of 10 years from 1000 square meters production base to 200000 square meters production base now. we keep working hard in the product development. from 2012, we launched ch-183 series and ch-191 series which are our best-selling chairs, keep selling 3-40,000 pcs monthly. since then, sitzone has embarked on the road of rapid development and regarded innovation as the first driving force for enterprise development.

since 2017, we have set up a european design center in italy. with 22 outstanding designers from the domestic design center, we have comprehensively promoted the independent innovation and mass production of the company's entire series of products. from 2015, we have actively introduced excellent design materials from all over the world.

with more than 5 series of overseas design cooperation projects every year, and gradually increasing every year, we integrate global design resources, so that more overseas design resources can be better brought in china.

▲ university of shanghai for science and technology

in order to further enhance our company's scientific research strength, accelerate the company's new product research and development process, we vigorously strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with colleges and universities, make full use of its technical superiority, talent advantage and public resources platform, promote the common development of both parties.

on march 8, 2018, r&d director of sitzone furniture made a special trip to university of shanghai for science and technology industrial design major. he had a deep conversation with mentor professor zheng and professor li and reached consensus on the cooperation and complementarity between two sides. university of shanghai for science and technology takes sitzone furniture as the experimental and internship base for students. sitzone can also use the university of shanghai for science and technology high-quality research and development technology, for the school's scientific research achievements into productivity and economic benefits quickly, add momentum to the rapid development of sitzone.



▲ r&d director of sitzone furniture is lecturing


the enterprise shall provide internship bases, equipment and materials, participate in the formulation of teaching plans of the school, and assign professionals to participate in the professional teaching of the school. excellent management or technical personnel of the enterprise will teach in the school. through the cooperation between the university and enterprises, the process of acquiring skills training for students in teaching is not only a process of extremely high professional skills, but also a process of creating value for enterprises. to truly achieve the income generation in the education of people, in the income generation of people, through school-enterprise cooperation so that enterprises get talent, students get skills;so as to realize the win-win result of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development" between schools and enterprises.

sitzone provide funding support for school projects and reward excellent members during cooperation. we set up three awards for the design of the production work, giving for designers to design k8凯发国际入口 copyright fee.

a group photo of and professor university of shanghai for science and technology

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