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Western massage techniques are based on human anatomy and pathology, and are seen as a treatment tool with a recognizable effect on our body’s physiology. Western massage affects various functions of the human body, such as: the nervous system, the skin, the digestive system, and the lymphatic system which helps the body fight off infections and cleanses it from waste materials.      
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       Swedish Massage – pampering massage to improve circulation and 
                                                    function of various systems in the body

Swedish massage, also known as European massage, medical massage and spa massage, is based on the scientific method of moving soft tissue combined with passive and active movement of the joints. This sooting and pampering massage is usually administered via a carrier oil such as almond oil. During the massage, the person is partially unclothed, while the rest of the body is covered.
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Classic massage – 45 minutes: NIS 270
Classic massage – 60 minutes: NIS 300

       Luxurious Swedish Massage for pregnant women

A treatment incorporating gentle massage for pregnant women, to relieve those areas under strain during the various stages of pregnancy. The treatment is suitable for women after week 21.
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45 minute treatment: NIS 270

        Aromatherapy Massage – an ancient massage technique based on the
                                                    use of aromatic essential oils

Aromatherapy is a treatment using essential oils - concentrated aromatic extracts derived from plants. The aromatic oils are comprised of natural chemical sources and include dozens of ingredients which act on the various systems in the body. The essential oils affect the body – with the massage – and the soul – through the oil’s aroma. The aromatherapy massage can be administered as a massage only or combined with a luxurious bath of essential oils.
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Aromatherapy massage – 45 minutes: NIS 290
Extended aromatherapy massage – 60 minutes: NIS 330
Aromatherapy massage – 70
minutes: NIS 380

     Sesame Fun
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Peeling with hot sesame oil and ground coffee beans to revitalize tired skin and remove
waste from the skin cells.
Sesame Fun– 45 minutes: NIS 270


       Deep Tissue Massage
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A deep tissue massage intended to restore the body’s balance relative to the forces of gravity. The massage is suitable for people suffering from tension or constant stress and those involved with sport. Research has proven that many problems with our bodies are caused by an imbalance with the forces of gravity. Therefore, a deep massage of the connective tissues which cover the muscles frees “trapped” tissues and restores the entire balance of the body relative to gravity. This massage relieves chronic pain and stiff muscles caused by faulty posture. Deep tissue massage – 45 minutes: NIS 270*
Extended deep tissue massage – 60 minutes: NIS 300

         Hot Stone Massage
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Also known as Indian Massage. This unique massage, administered using heated basalt stones, achieves its pleasant and relaxing effects thanks to the heat of the basalt stones on the muscles, ligaments and joints, as well as on the body’s energy centers. Hot stone massage – 60 minutes: NIS 320

        Holistic Massage
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A relaxing, pampering massage developed during the 1960s as a form of Swedish massage. The calming effects of the massage stem from viewing an individual as a single entity – spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is expressed in the type of massage movements and the quality of the touch. Holistic massage relieves pain and tension which have accumulated in the body, inducing a sense of release and relaxation. Holistic massage – 45 minutes: NIS 270*
Holistic massage – 60 minutes: NIS 300 

        Massage for two – individually and together
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A variety of treatments for couples: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage. Massage for two – 45 minutes: NIS 520

       “Two are better than one”
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A variety of techniques with four hands will provide you with an amazing, unforgettable experience. “Two are better than one” – 45 minutes: NIS 420

       “Olive oil and honey”
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Honey Massage – an ancient Tibetan massage.
The interaction between the honey and skin removes the toxins and speeds up their exit from the body. The olive oil, rich in vitamins A, D and E, has an antioxidant effect reducing the destructive action of free radicals. After the treatment, your skin will feel as smooth as silk.

Olive oil and honey – 45 minutes: NIS 300