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Treatment packages

To ensure your greatest possible enjoyment from all the various treatments and experiences, the Canaan Spa center offers you luxury packages, stress management packages, beauty packages and health and fitness packages. Should you require further details, we recommend meeting with our treatment coordinator who will provide you with further information.

Choose your preferred technique:

   Rough luxury
A deep treatment day. Through a combination of deep Eastern and Western treatment techniques, we will completely relax your body. The package includes a shiatsu treatment, time to rest and finally a deep tissue massage. You may reserve this package as a continuous 90 minute session, or divide it up for your convenience at different times of the day. NIS 500

   Serene luxury
Rich treatments to stimulate the energy flow in your body. The energy flow will be increased in your body to achieve optimal equilibrium by combining several techniques from the East and West. We will begin with a reflexology massage and continue with time to relax, followed by an aromatherapy bath and ending with an extremities massage. NIS 590

   Canaan mix
Eastern and Western treatments for perfect harmony. We offer 120 minutes including reflexology, relaxation and an aromatherapy bath followed by an aromatherapy massage. We recommend reserving this as a continuous 120 minute treatment for the maximal effect. NIS 590

   Wet pampering
A combination of a lavish, soothing bath (30 minutes) with a Swedish massage (45 minutes) to improve circulation and the functioning of the various bodily systems. NIS 380

   Classic pampering
A combination of Swedish massage and reflexology. A 90 minute session to pamper you from head to toe. NIS 500

   Hydrotherapy – body and soul rehabilitation through water
Please choose:
Activities in water using techniques such as watsu (shiatsu in water) or jahara (the gentle power of water) rehabilitate the body muscles particularly for those under conscious or repressed tension or strain.
As the saying goes: “Still waters run deep”.
45 minute treatment: NIS 320