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Our bodies are made up of seven force centers, called chakras, which affect how we function on various levels. Using treatment techniques, correct breathing and special exercises, we can produce a better energy flow and increase our intake of oxygen which purifies and cleanses bodily obstructions. Energy equilibrium leads to a feeling of inner harmony and a better internal connection for you within yourself and with your external environment.

Body treatments – thalassotherapy. Thalassotherapy is a technique which utilizes the healing properties of sea water, which contains all the essential components for a living creature to exist, for nurturing the skin and feelings. Seaweed contains concentrations of quality minerals, amino acids, vitamins and essential oils for the body. There are many benefits of the unique combination of sea water and seaweed using thalassotherapy, including anti-inflammatory effects, stimulating the metabolism, a calming effect, preserving the skin’s moisture and nourishment, increasing the skin’s elasticity etc.


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     Turkish treatment
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An Eastern-Western combination – Swedish massage together with Shiatsu pressure. The treatment ends with a body scrub using a loofah. The spa professional later beats your body lightly and pleasantly with a bundle of straps (whip), stimulating and improving circulation. The treatment takes place in the Turkish bath.  35 minute treatment: NIS 240

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During this treatment, the spa professional rests his hands on the chakras, the force centers of your body, and thus life force energy flows naturally into your body while unblocking physical, emotional and spiritual obstructions. Reiki enables body and soul to be healthy and relaxed by restoring equilibrium to, and creating harmony in, the body..  Reiki, individual – 45 minutes: NIS 270

     Tai Chi
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Exercise using a sequence of movements designed to increase the flow of inner energy and strengthen the body. Tai Chi is a martial arts form which boosts health and strengthens the body. Individual instruction – 45 minutes: NIS 270

     Chi Kong
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Means energy cultivation. In China, Chi Kong, which uses breathing and movement exercises to strengthen the body’s internal energy, is perceived as a technique to lengthen life. As opposed to Tai Chi, this technique is intended more as healing rather than a martial art. Individual instruction – 45 minutes: NIS 270

     Mini thalasso “in between”
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Mini thalasso treatment for initial acquaintance with the quality of thalassotherapy.
Mini thalasso treatment for initial acquaintance with the quality of thalassotherapy, and for those looking to be pampered for a limited time, interested in a pampering, relaxing treatment between their other activities. The treatment includes salt peeling. The treatment ends with a luxurious holistic massage.
YONKA – 60 minute treatment: NIS 280