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Chi – the flow of energy according to Eastern philosophy, is the force which moves everything in our world. Preserving the homogeneous Chi flow will result in complete harmony between body and soul, the effective functioning of all the body’s inner systems, and a tranquil, calm lifestyle. The balance in energy flow is the basis for treatments originating in the Far East.

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      Thai massage
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  Stretching of varying intensity and rhythmic pressure will reduce energy blocks in your body, and bring you to complete muscle relaxation.
Thai massage, a massage technique which originated in India before moving to Burma and Thailand, is based on yoga principles with rhythmic pressure. All this causes a new equilibrium in the body, opening up energy blocks and relaxing muscle tension.
  Thai massage – 45 minutes: NIS 270*
Extended Thai massage – 60 minutes: NIS 300

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According to the theory of Japanese treatment, pressure applied to the body’s energy channels (meridians) will result in complete equilibrium. Shi=finger, atsu=pressure. Shiatsu is a pampering, enjoyable medical treatment based on pressure using fingers, joints, palms and knees on the body’s energy channels (meridians). The pressure causes energy to flow to all parts of the body, and the eventual result is equilibrium in the body. You should wear comfortable clothes which enable easy movement of the limbs and body. Shiatsu treatment – 45 minutes: NIS 270*
Extended shiatsu treatment – 60 minutes: NIS 300

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Pressure and massage on various points on the soles of the feet relieve sensations of pressure and pain throughout the body, and result in muscular relaxation and release of tension. Reflexology, which has its origins in Ancient Egypt and Chinese medicine, is a massage technique focused on the soles of the feet. According to the technique, the sole of the foot serves as an anatomic map of points and areas corresponding to the various parts of the body. Pressure and massage on these points causes a reaction in the part of the body to which it corresponds, through a reflex. Circulation is improved by massaging the sole of the foot. Reflexology treatment – 45 minutes: NIS 270*
Extended reflexology treatment – 60 minutes: NIS 300

     Extremities Massage – the light at the end of the tunnel  
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A massage designed to release tension and pressure using a gentle, pleasant massage beginning with the soles of your feet, continuing to the palms of your hands, and ending with a gentle, relaxing massage of the neck and scalp.
45 minutes of pampering and enjoyment
Extremities massage  – 45 minutes: NIS 270*
Extended extremities massage including shoulders  – 60 minutes: NIS 300

     Ayurveda – knowledge for long life
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Ayurveda massage – 90 minutes: NIS 450; Abhyanga massage –

Ayus = longevity, veda = knowledge, the knowledge for long life. This is a technique for diagnosis and treatment originating in India. Ayurveda treatments include Abhyanga and Shirodhara. Abhyanga – gentle and soothing massage with warm sesame oil.
The body massage with sesame oil, which uses the therapist’s entire palm, is soothing and calming.

 45 minutes with two hands NIS 290; Abhyanga massage – 45 minutes with four hands NIS 480; Abhyanga massge – 60 minutes NIS 330

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Oil libation. Massage with warm oil trickled on the center of the forehead.
Shirodhara involves a gentle stream of warm sesame oil trickled on the forehead (the “third eye”) while the face and scalp are lightly massaged. The oil flowing on the forehead, combined with gentle massage, causes harmonious activity of the brain waves which leads to general calm and a meditative state.
Shirodhara – 25 minutes: NIS 210


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Body peeling using silk powder which helps remove dead cells.
Using silk powder for massage to remove dead cells. Massage results: silky-smooth skin nourished with natural ingredients – vitamins A, D, E, K with fatty acids. Massaging the body with this technique cleans and rejuvenates the skin, while stimulating circulation and lymph flow, revitalizing and loosening stiff muscles, and reducing cellulite areas.
Ayurveda peeling  – 45 minutes: NIS 300