The Culinary

The Canaan Spa Hotel is proud to present a unique and exclusive culinary concept in Israel. A dairy breakfast, served from 07:30 until 11:00 – and you can go in and out whenever and as often as you please! So if until now, you have had to wake up earlier than you wished in order to have breakfast, or you had to give up on a pampering treatment so as not to miss breakfast, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Canaan Spa’s .

Now you can come into the restaurant just for coffee if you want, have a treatment, return for a lavish breakfast, go for a swim and come back for the rest of your meal… until 11:00. In other words – the freedom to eat…in a big way!

And you won’t go hungry between meals, thanks to the enchanting tea corners which await you around the hotel, in the lobby and at the spa. You can even treat yourself to a hot drink in the privacy of your own room, thanks to the tea, coffee and electric kettle at your disposal.

Message from the chef:

“Dear Guests,

To provide your body with the finest food, to ensure your best health and fill you with positive energy, I have created a unique Canaan menu for the Canaan Spa, inspired by the culinary treasures of the Galilee. You are invited to enjoy the delectable brunch and dinner menus which feature homemade local foods and utilize only the freshest of  ingredients without preservatives, freshly-picked herbs, natural, freshly squeezed fruit juices, our exclusive home-baked specialties, and most important… all this goodness is for you to choose. Or, as I always like to say, Come to Canaan and find your appetite.  I look forward to meeting you.”