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Cosmetic treatments

Canaan Spa offers you face and body treatments for health and beauty, using cosmetic and beauty products from the world’s leading companies: Yonka and Phytomer. The cosmetic products from Yonka, the giant European professional cosmetics company, have become, in recent years, a synonym for beauty care products at the cutting edge of research, development and production of plant-derived cosmetics. Yonka believes in personalized treatment for each customer according to their skin requirements, internal and external living environments, and their future plans. This unique approach, called Cosmotiv, aids skin metabolism and restores the skin’s appearance and texture to younger stages. This is the very best in skin anti-aging! Yonka, the professional cosmetics and spa company, with 60 years of experience in health and beauty treatments, utilizes the wide range of active ingredients in the sea (including animal and vegetable sources).
Yonka’s varied treatment program for women and men can be adapted to all skin types and ages. This program enriches the skin with minerals, vitamins and important elements (trace elements) to preserve its health, function and pleasing appearance. The product range is tailored to provide solutions for various types of skin, cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and protection from the environment and free radicals.


Choose your preferred technique:

    Moisture infusion
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Recommended for all skin types suffering from lack of moisture, skin with a dull appearance. Ideal for the change of seasons, during pregnancy, after childbirth, and to generally restore moist, glowing skin. YONKA – 60 minutes: NIS 310

    Yonka classic facial treatment
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Deep-cleansing treatment (cleaning blemishes) with pleasant aromas suitable for all skin types. The treatment includes two kinds of peeling, a moisture infusion mask and massage. After the treatment, you will be left with shining, clean and calm skin. YONKA – 60 minute treatment: NIS 310

    Peeling massage
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A pampering, yet gentle, peeling treatment for effective shedding of the upper skin layers. The treatment consists of two stages: peeling to remove dead skin cells, open the pores and create soft, smooth skin. A massage to complete the experience and add vitamins and minerals to the skin. There are a range of peeling treatments – ask the spa staff for details. YONKA – 60 minute treatment: NIS 310

    Eye treatment
Choose from:
A treatment to soothe and revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes. The treatment is intended for the delicate area around the eyes. Recommended for tired, dull eyes, especially those with “bags”and wrinkles. A special massage. YONKA – 30 minute treatment: NIS 220

    Anti-aging facial treatment
Choose from:
Anti-aging treatment enriched with alpha hydroxy acids to reduce signs of aging skin. Intended as anti-aging treatment for older skin. Contains particularly active ingredients, known for their anti-aging properties; a unique treatment for restoring the skin. YONKA – your choice of 90 minute facial treatment: NIS 430

    Enriched peeling
Choose from:
Salt peeling and enrichment of the skin with seaweed oil. 45 minute treatment: NIS 270

    Cosmetic treatment – spa manicure
Choose from:
A luxurious, pampering treatment for your hands, using plant extracts and quality oils to achieve smooth, delicate hands 30 minute treatment: NIS 150

     Aromatic bath
Choose from:
Sea salts and pine oil bath to enrich skin moisture.
Sea salts and pine oil bath to enrich skin moisture, revitalize energy and stimulate circulation – the perfect way to soothe tired muscles and joints.
YONKA – 30 minute treatment: NIS 220

    “Oceanic dip” – a bath for pampering and good health
Choose from:
To feel the pampering, soothing atmosphere, we offer three kinds of hydrotherapy baths.
The combination of the bath with YONKA body care products allows you to soothe and enrich your skin. The oceanic dip is a recommended introduction to any Canaan Spa treatment to get you in the mood and pave the way to calmness and tranquility during your various treatments.
30 minutes: NIS 220

    Spa manicure and pedicure package
Choose from:
An experience combining a luxurious, pampering treatment for your hands and feet. YONKA – 60 minute treatment: NIS 310

    Cosmetic treatment – spa pedicure
Choose from:
A treatment to pamper and revitalize your feet, combining treatments with sea salts, plant extracts to rejuvenate the soles of your feet and quality oils to nourish cracked and damaged skin. 45 minute treatment: NIS 200